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SewFun run-down

Check out our successes from a night of group stitching and snacking and laughing.

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April Giveaway

Enter to win a quarter pint jar of Rhubarb Hibiscus or Rhubarb Sage preserves. Deadline for entries: April 30 at midnight!

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Herb-y Hancock Street

April CanJam herb explorations: the joy of rhubarb. Two batches, two different flavors using herbs/dried flowers.

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Grassroots Grandma marketing squad

My Grandma Mannie’s (aka Bertha Burnham’s) good pal, Shirley, just sent me an email. She sent her contact list the following poem/link:

If you’re fashionably current and in the know,
Then HIP is what you are.
Any gal of any age
Can be a homemaking star.
Read all about it…….
[link to, where you happen to be right now]

She is one hip Grandma, rockin’ Facebook, Twitter and managing blogosphere readership (all things I’m only marginally good at myself—a child of the digital age.) I’m totally impressed and rather honored to have such a savvy lady on my side.

I’m feeling all Dorothy Parker and Garrison Keillor this eve, tender and nostalgic and quippy.


Pilgrim on Hancock Street

Pilgrims’ progress: my indoor seed starts have sprouted!

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