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Entries in Summer (14)


Peach jam, super-small batch

Make a single jar of peach jam to enjoy your micro-harvest or farmers’ market stash of peaches.

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Can-It-Forward 2013: Ball Canning Giveaway

In celebration of all things preserved, Ball has offered up a Canning Utensil Kit & free case of any size jars to 3 lucky HGGH readers! Enter by August 18.

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Watermelon rind pickles

I make these preserves every year and they remain my most popular pantry gifted item to date. Read on for the recipe.

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Oven roasting tomatoes

Use this tactic for extending the life of your tomatoes and jazzing up future sauces, soups and spreads with an umami kick.

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Home-fermented strawberry vinegar

Keep that fruit trash (or less than perfect fruit) and make vinegar!

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