Piece de Resistance

No. It’s not a newspaper or leaflet.

Charles and Di

Nor a swag placard from the former union, a relic of a marriage started the year of my birth and culminating as I entered high school.


It’s a pretty plate!

piece de resistance Who wouldn’t look forward to taking meals or treats from this little gem?

William Morris pretty much covers this post already, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” I bought this plate years ago from a sidewalk sale in San Francisco, grand total: $3. See, the act of thoughtfully populating your domain doesn’t mean spending more money.

An affinity for certain everyday items might inspire you to use them more often. I look forward to making breakfast at home because Charles and Di’s lovely faces await my eggs and toast or gluten-free pancakes on the weekends. I can’t wait to have friends over for a meal because setting the table with things I adore is fun.

coffee and tea jewels of coffee and tea time

I got one of these as a gift, and the other two are thrift store, less-than-$1 finds. Why would anyone go down to the deli and purchase an ugly paper cup with jewels like these laying around? Buy a french press and make your own coffee. It will save you money, you’ll drink better coffee and you get an extra opportunity to sit down and enjoy your space.

Selecting things you love each morning or evening connects you to your domain. I’ve picked the winner for this morning’s cuppa joe.

the golden leaf cheers!

Even if your home style is more modern and uniform, select matching sets and designs that you will look forward to using everyday. Notice the curve of your glasses, the color of the plates, the weight of a good mug. Select with more intention rather than just getting stuff because you need something in the cabinets. Select with YOU in mind.