Kitchen Permaculture

I should expand the clearinghouse list, from 101 things to do with canning bands to 101 ways to make do with what you’ve got. Kitchen Permaculture, if you will.

Here begins the expanded (and running) list:

1. Make a canning rack out of extra bands (see above link)

2. Create a bread cooling rack out of canning bands (see above link)

3. A double boiler made out of a canning rack proper uses steam from a pot that’s already cooking something else. This doubles up as an energy saver, too. Not firing up an extra burner saves you money and time. Be careful with this one since your canning rack likely won’t fit snugly on top of the cook pot; steam creates a slick surface so make sure the top pot is really stable (if you must step away from it for any reason.)

the ingredients are stacked in pie’s favor4. A canning rack makes a fabulous pie transporter.

Beam me up sweet potato.Adding to this list is going to be fun; feel free to chip in with your own fabulous improvisations! (July 2013 Update: Turns out my monthly email newsletter is where the rest of this list lives now!)