La madrugada

roughly translates to English as dawn, daybreak, sunrise, wee hours of the day.

I learned in my Permaculture design studies that the best way to become acquainted with your surroundings is to lay around (hammock preferred) and observe them as the day progresses. See how the sun creeps through, where magic settles along its path.

Well, as a work-from-home lass, I am privileged (why is this such a hard word to spell?) to be around my house observing it—the light, the angles, the air—as the day inches along.

I have a special spot. A place that changes shape and tone as the light sweeps across the sky. My back door is made of magic and pretty curly metal (aside: I once spent an entire afternoon in San Francisco photographing whimsical and exotic metal screen doors.)

my special spot my special spot

The way the light hits the wall and bounces through my door is a constant source of pleasure. Do you have any sublime spots like this in your house?

Speaking of day break, the first day of my new life has begun. Look what I scavenged from a friend’s give-away box:

La madrugda de LE CREUSET. La madrugda de LE CREUSET.

My very first Le Creuset!

What does one make in this type of pot? A souffle?