lemonade actually comes from lemons?

Things go wrong in households, all the time. Unique and creative solutions exist to many things that go awry on the home front.

Problem: broken fancy flowerpot

a cute and unique problem solver a cute and unique problem solver

I walk by these precariously planted, yet thriving, purslane plants everyday, each day saying, I’ll snap a photo tomorrow. Weeks of noticing this cute and creative answer to life’s lemons went by until last week, when I thought the owner replaced them with new terra-cotta ones. Just as I lamented the loss of my inspiration (somedays literally the only inspiration I could see in the world,) they appeared again! Just sooner on the block than I remembered noticing them. Phew.

I bet this stoop’s owners didn’t realize that a simple, creative solution such as this could continually inspire a fellow neighbor.

Who knows how your crafty, resourceful solutions might affect the world at large. Try it out next time things don’t go according to plan!

Tell me how it goes.