Sunday brunchtacular

Setting my brunch table made me happy as a clam today for, oh, seven reasons:

  1. The eclectic contrast of old, cute teacups always delights me (even the same cups, used over and over again)
  2. I got to use my cute cream and sugar deals. Months after finding these nestled in a BKLYN Flea clothes vendor’s random crap stack at a super price, I acquired at my friend’s stoop sale matching German beer steins, accentuating the same ceramic pearly, orange glaze. Matching is appropriate sometimes; you never know when your beer drinking guests will demand cream and sugar, be prepared.
  3. Sleeping cats mean good juju for entertaining and life in general (unless your guests are allergic to them)
  4. My linens remind me of people I love (hand me down-ers and thrift store compatriots)
  5. The coral reef elk placemat made an appearance, a fine center mat deferring wayward maple syrup drops, overzealous coffee carafe spots and other happy life stains from my tablecloth
  6. The matching mini tea pot to my favorite tea pot made a perfect and unique maple syrup holder
  7. I consulted the judgmental homemaking manual to end once and for all my eternal confusions on which side to place the napkin/fork/knife and felt entirely free to improvise on her stringent codes due to small table restrictions.

The combination of all this plus the company of good friends, my gluten free pear pancakes and scrambled, local eggs made this table the only place in the world I wanted to be today.

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