Have your pie, and eat it too.

I was so pleased to chat with my mom yesterday (as always) after she watched Michael Pollan on Oprah. She told me about one of his new Food Rules, something along the lines of: eat all the sweets you want, so long as you make them yourself. Amen!

I had a spare gluten free pie crust laying around after the pie contest. And a jar of these hanging out in the larder. And it was raining, what else am I supposed to do?

Farmers market, New York state blueberries preserved in lemon juice, sugar and spices.Hear ye! Hear ye! Lusting, yet-to-attempt-canning canners (like my mom, who admitted to wanting to make her own applesauce, post-Pollan)…Here’s another good reason to give this stuff a try:

Q: How do you enjoy local, seasonal blueberries in the middle of winter?

A: Home preserving!

I didn’t grow up preserving stuff. Nor did I tap into the grandma reserves for info on this one. Some of you might remember that I used Twitter to ally myself with existing canners/preservers and learn the ropes. Think you might want to give it a try?

[Note suspenseful build up for ‘canning for beginners’ posts]

p.s. A third-grader could definitely pronounce all ingredients in this rainy day sweet treat. Score.