Holiday gift ideas (for real people)

Gifts that even you can handle, afford and still have time to execute!

Sometimes stuff happens and you end up starting your Christmas present-making on December 21 [ahem]…I made a post last year about my relationship with the calendar, homemade gifts and Plans B, C and D. You can read it here.

For the late go-getters out there, here are a few of my fave sites where you might seek [last-minute] attainable and affordable DIY inspiration:

 Photo courtesy of Kaela at Local Kitchen

 Photo courtesy of Autumn of Autumn Makes & Does

A few thoughtful home-special things you can buy (that are under $20). Accompany these with a lil’ homemade something or give as a stand-alone present:

  • My friend Shae’s fab e-book. A perfect gift for the aspiring, new or experienced canners and preservers in your life. 
  • A flat of mason jars. They come in a 12-pack and almost any canner or preserver (new or an old-hat) would be elated to receive a pack. They’ll run you anywhere from $8-14 for the flat.
  • A few of the staples for DIY cleaning supplies, arranged in a little basket and paired with my fave house gloves. Note: I’d reserve this for a friend you know really well. I wouldn’t want any hurt feelings out there (e.g. the receiver to think that you think their house is dirty).
  • A houseplant that’s impossible to kill; a good list of those can be found here or here. Give the gift of interior air detoxification all year long.

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I queried readers for favorite gift idea round-ups and here’s what you all said:

 If you don’t see your fave round-up listed here, then post it to the comments below and I’ll add them as new ones come in.

Go forth and gift! Good luck getting things made and wrapped up this week.