Show me the glitter

I am gluestick stuck on homemade valentines. Booklets in general are one of my favorite kinds of special-occasion prizes, especially Valentines; after all, nothing says ‘you’re special’ like a home-hole-punched ordeal, straight from the heart.

How to make a booklet card:

Find a few cool images, fancy or feely-good papers or even vintage postcards. If they’re from a larger piece of paper, cut them to be slightly different sizes when layered on top of each other. Use a regular (or craft) single hole-puncher in the two places where you want the card to open. Cut and tie long enough pieces of twine or thread so that your card fully opens (think big binder rings), so you don’t have to bend the parts of the booklet to view the ensuing pages. Write sweet somethings throughout the booklet; it’ll be a real page-turner for your love.

My booklet materials happened to both be trash (one from the Brooklyn Flea and the other from our three-year anniversary tulips, the paper sheath). I bought the feely-good plain card stock at a stationary store at half-price (when the line discontinued.)

Send Pictures of your creations, or pictures of what you recieved and I’ll post them here. What was your favourite Valentine this year? Who sent it?

I’ll go first:

Photo courtesy of Jo Santangelo

My 5-year-old pen pal, Louise, made my week with this hot little number.

Photo courtesy of Jo Santangelo