shoestrings and heartstrings

So, first books are not notorious for being big money makers for authors, especially these days.

As I’m plotting my first book from an artistic perspective—this will be a Harper Design book, after all—I realized there’s not much money to go ‘all out’. So, like my home projects, I’m forced to get crafty. I think we can still swing the elaborately simple vision swirling around my brain. I’m tickled to announce that the book will be completely illustrated, featuring many images courtesy of the ever-so-lovely-and-talented Agent Meredith! Together we’re translating vision to galley prints, with a little help from friends…

Agent Meredith has a friend-illustrator/graphic designer on hand who’s ready to roll.

There’ll also be a handwritten component to the design, and I’m not consistent enough (nor do I have the time, beyond writing the whole book) to do it myself. I spent the better part of yesterday wracking my brain, wonder wonder wonder…WHOSE handwriting do I adore?

Well, hell. Why, all I had to do was look to my special box filled with special prizes. My calligraphy-star pal, Alison Hanks, steals my heart every few weeks/months with all her different handwriting styles and her exuberantly creative posts. I immediately called her up with offers of jams and jellies and sweet treats in exchange for some of her precious penmanship. Turns out Alison is excited about taking a stab at creating a Hip Girl’s handwritten style. Hooray!

Alison is also chums with Harriet Russell, aka the illustrator whose website I drool over on a regular basis. Maybe HarperCollins will commission Harriet to design my book cover?! Now, wouldn’t that be plumb divine.

Oh, snap!

One day, Alison, Harriet and I will sip tea on some hazy English green; we’ll probably discuss just how much there is to draw in the world, what great jobs we have, and how pretty things really are. (just putting it out there)