March Giveaway

Let’s make this short and sweet. (Pardon the pun.)

This could be you.Entering is easy:

1. I make treats. I make blog post about treats and current month’s deluxe, quarter-pint giveaway.

2. You clicky clicky on the Contact Kate link on the right-hand tool bar of any page of HGGH site. Please only use the web contact form (so all entries appear in one place.) And please enter “Red Pepper Garlic” or “Red  Onion” in the subject box so I know which jelly/syrup you prefer.

(Ideas for what you might do with a jar o’ savory jelly listed in link to jellies above.)

3. The email you send me will be catalogued with a number (in the order received) and one of my writing workshop kid participants just might pull your number out of the brown paper bag, aka “The Randomizer”.

4. Until I win the lottery or hit the NY Times Bestseller list, I must restrict entrants to US residents only. Sorry for getting your hopes up across the ocean.