Curb your garden

Found objects are a fine way to contain your garden. As I walked past the neighbor’s house today, I saw these dejected bamboo blinds leaning against their trash bin.

Bamboo poles make for great bean poles, supporting your beanstalks (what a funny word this is upon over-thinking the spelling!) Anyhow, I politely asked if I could collect their trash, since the neighbors were sitting on the stoop, and they gladly obliged.

I plucked out a few sturdy poles and grabbed a rubber band.My gardening mantra, thanks mama for the pots that verbalize it!A step-by-step here would be insulting. You know how to make a teepee. You were a kid once and built one out of mops and brooms and bed sheets. This is even easier.

Isobel can’t wait to eat carrot scraps from our 5-gallon bucket container garden.