Cheap thrills

It’s trash day, my favourite day to walk the block.

Today, I was specifically on the hunt for something to fence in my guerrilla garden patch. My tactic for defending against invading feet forces will surely appear in someone’s trash pile, a backyard clean-out, a hedging upgrade, who knows?

I think it’s important to write about the hopeful, yet unsuccessful attempts. It keeps things honest. Today was one of those days. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some major successes in the roadside find department—from an antique washboard, a 5-foot metal kitchen rack, to a few days ago finding three more (non-industrial chemical containing) 5-gallon buckets, with holes already drilled in the bottom! [I need a garden intervention people.]

Though no perks of human extravagance poked out of trash bins, nature’s extravagance quickly took over. Cheap (free) thrills on Hancock Street today:What exactly is this purple explosion?I grew up in a house in Arizona with a towering hedge of roses that bloomed orange, red, pink, yellow and sometimes white. I must admit, I never took much notice of the things until very recently. Now I can’t seem to see anything else. Oh, wait. There’s this.If flowers were types of novels, the iris would definitely be Victorian.I couldn’t help myself; I also added more garden porn to this photo album.

Are there things you always forget to notice (and when you do, it knocks your socks off)?