Tomatoes on wheels

I woke up this morning to an email from my Gram’s neighbor, Shirley. She’s the founder and leading member of the Grassroots Grandma Marketing Squad for my book.

[Here’s] my latest project. I haven’t told Mannie [my Gram, aka Bertha Burnham] about this yet because she already thinks I am somewhat on the nutty side. I don’t want her to know this for sure. I just want to keep her wondering. I love seeing that odd look she gives me.
I walk my tomato plant in and out
Two times everyday
First thing OUT in the morning
Second time IN very late in the day
First off it provides me exercise
And it keeps all the predators at bay
All those night time critters
And humans who steal tomatoes every day.
So far it is working nicely
But when it gets too big to wheel around
I’ll sure have to get more creative
I know a new idea will be found.
Not real sure what that is at this writing
But the wheels are turning in my mind
I’ll get back to let you all know
For the solution that I find.

How amazing is this? Not only a creative solution to inhospitable indoor growing conditions, but relayed in a poem, no less!