Adaptations: Spring interlude

It’s an effin’ miracle: Spring.My first strawberry! From the jar that’s been re-potted 4 times.I’m experimenting with letting go. My upstairs neighbors have kindly allowed me to place four of my 5-gal buckets atop their deck (with outside stair access.) They have four kids, popular kids, who know all the kids in the neighborhood. The back deck and yard can get a little wild at times.

Enter tender seedlings. Enter kick-ass tender seedlings.Carrots are sprouting, despite the child-size footprints I found in my bucketSpring is a natural Photoshop, I mean really, look at this thing (photo not edited at all!!)bucket o’ beans, at your serviceI still can’t believe I managed to keep my indoor seedlings alive.the little basil that can (that I thought I murdered in the up-potting process.)The great outdoors is so forgiving (and, admittedly, at times brutal.) Ecosystems everywhere evolve and adapt with human interactions/interferences. Surely my buckets can handle brushes with few hundred fingers and hopefully drastically less toes.

For further experimentation: deal with things as situations present themselves. Or, as my late Grandpa Whitey used to say, “Don’t borrow trouble.”