Anniversary of an idea

Today is a momentous anniversary.

One year (and some change) ago, at the very same event I’m participating in today—the New York Writers Coalition’s Write Your A** Off day—I drafted the very first post for my book proposal.

Now, a year later, my fab editor at HarperCollins is here writing with me. I’m working on the last four chapters of my soon to be published book. I’m sitting less than 10 feet from the place where I willed this idea into being what seems like forever ago. Feeling rather swept away by the magnitude and ripple-effect of intention.

I’m also rather enchanted by the Center for Independent Publishing, an educational program of The General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen. The second oldest library in New York City is teeming with writers, dreamers, books, laptops and a museum installation featuring the history of locks.

The magical skylight grants wishes when you follow through on your ideas, no matter how much foot-dragging precedes it.