Fancy Friday launch o-ffic-i-al

A few weeks ago I bolted up from a dreamy slumber and nudged the still sleeping J with my inspiration revelation: forget (the notoriously empty) Follow Friday! Friday, I deem thee Fancy Friday.

She wasn’t inspired. She told me to go back to bed. I didn’t take it personally. It was 7 a.m.

A cup of coffee and a Twitter search later, I discovered that Fancy Friday already existed. And exactly in line with the vision dropped upon me by the Friday morning fairy. I didn’t mind, the world could use a bit more fancy.

After our e-meeting, the dears at LoveFeast Table, Chris Ann and Kristin, asked me to do a guest post on their blog.Fancy Friday theme this week: Kitchen tablesIf you blog, feel free to participate in their great weekly themes and round-up. Or if you’re a drive-by-Facebooker, I’ll post something every Friday to the HGGH page and open up the space for your own posts (photos, comments, whatevs) there.

Have fun with it.

Afterall, it’s mostly about bragging. Brag your ass off every Friday because you a. made it through another week without killing anyone, and b. surely have something in your house or going on in your life that inspires you (and/or makes you feel fancy.)