Fall: harvest and home decor

A quick poem prompt I do with kids; give it a try no matter your age. It’s fun:

My fall and winter self

I am hot cider’y and cocoa, pumpkin everything, fuzzy blankets and (in this house, imaginary) cracking fire places. I was made for this season. My people are from Minnesota.

I am still-warm pies and melting ice cream, leaves blowing all over the sidewalk.

I am late season, cool nights, cold frame.

Don’t worry, writing not required to participate in my fall frenzy. This post isn’t going to get all nutmeg and cinnamon on you. I’m actually enjoying the shift into fall incarnated through a re-appropriation of our big, long living room space.

It’s not fall around here until I rearrange the whole house.

For most people this happens in spring, but fall is my time of year, likely for all the nesting potential that lies ahead. Forget the gourds (for a moment), my fall means I’m excited about how I’ve created two rooms out of one and, in the process, successfully hidden our television.

As all of you surely know, sometimes we have to compromise. My J wanted a TV proper to watch movies on a bigger screen. I gathered an army of typewriters, my friend’s art and even a washboard to “distract and delight”, see page 29 in my book for further study.

What signals fall around your house?