BK Flea Spree Round-up

We sure did have a fun time; who doesn’t enjoy spending someone else’s money?!

All photos are courtesy of Jo Ann Santangelo, my photolady extraordinaire.

You’ve met the blogger teams already, but here’s a recap of how things went down today. I gave each blogger team $25 to spend at the Brooklyn Flea (Williamsburg location) on home decor or home use items to spruce up their place.  If you’ve ever been to the Flea, you know that $25 is a really tight budget. (There’s a lot of great stuff, it’s just not notorious for being inexpensive.)

Let’s see how my creative shoppers did!

Emily scouting through the vintage wares.

Autumn rummaging through the linens.

Faye & her bro, Allan, hashing out the merits of metal.

Kate doing a little math while assessing a vendor’s collection.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…here’s what they each came up with for home decor scavenging on a tight budget.

Team 1: Emily

“In honor of Manhattan Cocktail Classic week next week, I scored this sweet set of 4 martini glasses, cocktail shaker and classy carrier for $25. It was a steal … a good shaker alone can set you back more than $25. I found it at the Pink Pigeon Vintage booth, and can’t wait to use it doing test runs for cocktails to serve at my supper club, Midnight Brunch.”

Team 2: Erica & Amanda

“Our finds would be perfect for a foul-mouthed, BK scenester who was lookin’ to get their design on, on the cheap.”

Team 3: Faye

“We took an old, rusty watercolor set and put a frame around it. It’s accidental art — art squared. The painting itself might have sucked but the watercolor set is worthy of the Met.”

Team 4: Kate

“This is actually a mold for making rubber gloves, but I thought it would be great for hanging up my jewelry where I can see it - most of mine is currently tangled in my closet…”

Team 5: Autumn

“I have a little apron collection (I added one to the ranks today!) that I don’t enjoy as much as I should because they’re currently stored in a closet. I got “the claw,” which I think is an old rake head, to mount on the wall in my kitchen and hang my aprons on so they’re more accessible. I also scored a super-cute strawberry preserves jar that I’ll use for dry goods storage.”

Now it’s time to get down to business and vote.

Leave a comment by May 9 at midnight EST with your vote for the best loot! Please indicate the team number somewhere in your comment. You may also cast a vote via Twitter using the hashtag #BKfleaSpree and your Team # preference, or on the facebook page here.

Winning team will receive crown of glory and all expenses paid trip to Italy. Just kidding. They’ll get something cool, though.