Book tour: segment 6!

I won’t say too much about all this housepartying because it gets me all choked up and it’s not even 11am; I can’t start the day weepy. [Yes, I cried bidding farewell to Jasmine after her lovely houseparty last weekend. Alas, I’m getting ahead of myself.]

I decided early on that houseparties were the truest way to promote my book across the country. Of course I adore bookstores, but they’re no home. I wrote a book about getting to know the home. These parties have offered insight into what great communities people share, what hip tricks we all have to share with one another, what inspiring and with-it hosts I’ve met!

Last weekend we drove to Fort Worth. Jasmine and her hubs, George, hosted a lovely afternoon affair with a fine array of smart, savvy folks. Their house was enchanting, for both Jasmine and George are pretty hip.

DFW metro area residents came from near and far, from across the street to all the way from Arlington (on bike!). I signed books and finally met some long-time e-friends (Hi Mary!); Jasmine donated the proceeds from book sales to the local chapter of Planned Parenthood. [I love how my tour is simultaneously helping to support such a worthwhile org as PP.] We sipped sangria and talked as if we’d all been friends forever.

Speaking of friends forever, we brought our dog, Isobel, who proceeded to make herself right at home.

The following day my friend Hilah, an exceptionally talented vlogger and author, hosted a Sunday brunch potluck party at her mama’s house here in Austin. Mama Alice and Grandma Frieda were in attendance, the former with her crafty home improvements and dee-luxe garden know-how and the latter with her hip attire (she wore a sparkly shirt!!) and quick-as-a-whip sense of humor. I see now why I like Hilah so much.

Plus, check out the spread. Need I say more?

Somewhat relatedly, in the I-love-meeting-new-people vein, I have exciting news to share about Canada. I’m plotting a Toronto tour stop for August/September, and since HarperCollins Canada has generously granted me a publicist, I might fit a Vancouver event into my upcoming June trip. Stay tuned!