Your kitchen book

I’m in the frenzy of manuscript writing and I realized I’ve missed a very important step. YOU!

Here’s a super-sneak preview of the basic format of the book, and I’d love your input on what you, the prospective reader, might find helpful within the chapters in each of the sections.

Section I offers the essentials for setting up your kitchen, from equipping your ship to stocking the shelves. 

Section II is intended for a hit-the-ground-running approach, seeing as you need to eat three times daily whether you’ve mastered your kitchen or not. This portion offers real life advice, tips and recipes to move you from clumsy to confident in the kitchen. 

Section III helps you put it all together with entertaining planning and recipes, preserving projects, food gifts and food party ideas. 

What kinds of things do you want to see in my new book? Is there anything that has changed your kitchen experience that you’d like to share with the still-clumsy kitcheneers?