Eco gift wrap

Our wedding last month (post with photos coming soon, I promise!) brought together such a lovely group of people to celebrate our love and union. We also received some pretty kick-ass prizes.

This present from our dear friends really caught my attention, both for what was inside (a thoughtful and pretty set of tumblers; I’m obsessed with small cups and my friend knew it), but also for the wrap job. I’ve never thought to wrap a gift in Mexican oilcloth! A reusable, re-craftable material that’s a vibrant addition to any home or kitchen, total score. (You can buy oilcloth at local Mexican imports shops or online at places like Etsycustom shops, or even on Amazon.)

Swatches of oilcloth can be made into cute coasters, placemats, more gift wrap, a table runner, or even a sweet, framed wall decor addition.

How do you suggest reusing pieces of oilcloth?