Valentine's day pancakes

Nothing says I love you like a pink pancake.

Want to dazzle your honey (or sneak veggies into your kids’ diet) with a festive treat this weekend? Make pancakes! I used these molds for the added Valentine’s geekery.

Recipe for Pink Pancakes

1. The day before your pancakery, roast 3 or more beets by following the general direction in this post. Time will depend on the size of your beets, but my smallish beets took about an hour. After you peel them, puree them. I used a the little food processor tool on my immersion blender. Whatever your technology, make them into as smooth a paste as you can. You are sneaking them into the pancake, after all.

2. Add 2 Tbs roasted beet puree to the wet ingredients of your fave pancake recipe (here’s my gluten-free recipe, just leave out the blueberries). Freeze whatever you have left of the puree in an ice cube tray for future pancake (or other food items) pink’ifying.

No one will be the wiser that your natural food coloring is actually a healthy addition to the morning’s fare.

Austinites stop by the Cedar Park Farms to Market this Saturday, Feb 11, from 9a-noon to sample some of these pink pancakes. I’ll be at the griddle sharing pancake tips; come by and say hello!