Word clouds

The new year brings quiet on the blog as of late. 

I’m plugging away on a few exciting things: my new part-time job at the county extension office (volunteer coordination for the Family & Consumer Sciences agents and working on the curriculum for the Texas Master Food Preserver Program!) and two small books commissioned by my editor, a pickle and a jam book (to launch before the larger kitchen book, more details on that later).

I’m also rolling around on my yoga ball, slicing citrus peels and hemming the curtains to give my body something to do while nurturing the word clouds swirling around in my brain. We need a new name here. This brand is so much more than ‘hip girl’ or ‘hip homemaking’ and the poet in me is itching to find a better linguistic frame.

Paper on the floor, calligraphy pen in hand (why write with a boring pen?), thesaurus spine splayed at the ready. I am talking to as many people as possible, trying to nail what it is I do and why people might pick me to spend their precious few moments reading/browsing and getting hip to their home/kitchen.

I want to call us something that needs no explanation, no qualifiers, no disentanglement from sticky connotations.

Maybe you can help? How does the book/blog make you feel? My thesaurus is ready for your adjectives and adverbs…