Handmade napkin and vintage linen drive

On Thursday morning last week, we awoke to a phone call from our best friends saying they were standing with their pets about a half mile from their house, watching flash flood waters ravage their community. They’d just been rescued out of their living room window on a boat. Thankfully their family was safe; others were not so lucky.

The water crested at just over four feet. We’ve spent the last three days salvaging as much as possible, cleaning and disinfecting metal, ceramics, glass and solid wooden furniture. Most of the clothing we rescued on day one got swooped up and washed and is now in great shape. Many other things—stuff stashed up high on fixed shelving that didn’t float away—are safely in their new storage unit until they can rebuild their house.

Other things didn’t fare so well, many precious musical instruments, family photos, kids’ art, love letters from a grandpa to a grandma, nearly all the books in the house (mine included), a sacred stash of recipes, all unsalvageable. This family’s mama threw away her kitchen linens yesterday, a forgotten drawer amidst the chaos of salvaging their lives in the flood’s wake. She had to pitch out her handmade and family heirloom napkins, her beautiful vintage aprons and tea towels. A microcosm of loss, these prized irreplaceable things.

I’m reaching out to you, fellow hip homies, to anyone good at finishing edges with a sewing machine or with one extra vintage apron or tea towel to share. I’d like to host a homemade napkin and vintage linen drive, to bring back a little handmade and vintage love into their lives. This family of four will be adjusting to so many things over the coming weeks and months, let’s give them something to cherish. Drop a line if you’re intersted in making a set of 4 napkins for this family or in giving up one of your vintage tea towels or aprons.

I hope to give them these gifts from the HGGH community by Thanksgiving, so please contact me by November 13 to participate and plan to mail your item(s) by November 21.