Make love (and mosaics)

I always forget how simple mosaics can be, as simple as a broken mirror, sturdy glue and something to stick it on. Oh, and perhaps a little vision about what it is you’re trying to say.

I started with a small shelf that a friend was hoping to re-home. Her mother made it in a grade-school class and my friend is headed West soon and downsizing considerably; I told her I had just the project in mind for it. 

I whipped out one of our hardware store oops-paints and gave it a twice-over. A little banging around (to make even smaller slivers from an already-broken mirror plus a little any-surface glue and voila! Only one minor injury; a wayward shard nicked my finger. Bleeding heart-work, [insert Valentine’s day pun here].

Initially this was a Christmas present, then anniversary, and now Valentine’s day expression of amor. Busy times and a patient wife, I have.

What kinds of things are you making/doing for your love today?