Glamping in Marfa Texas

Things have been quiet around here lately in an effort to sneak some relaxation before the fall frenzy sets in. Last week we prepped for and then headed off on a long weekend of camping at El Cosmico in Marfa, TX.

Here are some of the highlights:

Our outdoor home for three nights. Don’t be fooled, there’s an inflated queen sized airbed in that tent and a series of extension cords to reach the onsite bath house’s electrical outlet for the pre-sleep top up inflation.

Eating. We stocked our cooler and cooked every meal ourselves to keep costs low. Our camping skills are founded upon the one thing we do well, cooking outside.

Sunrise, Sunset, Dusk, respectively.

Isobel, tiny dancer and red light delight. Miss thing was quite the socialite at the festival. You can see more via her instagram feed.

The installations that are apparently under siege from TXDot.

The big sky. At 4,685 ft elevation, it’s no wonder the sky and clouds are so enveloping to those who roam the high desert plains.

It was a totally different experience than our last Marfa trip, but still wonderfully relaxing (that is, once we figured out setting up our borrowed tent and managing our where-to-set-and-stash-stuff systems for happy camping).