An abreviated list of things I did when the instagramz broke (which was all of last week after updating to iOS7, before completely restoring my phone):

  • worked on my looming deadlines (completed all on time and three things actually early)
  • made pie
  • looked out the window
  • finished the Junot Diaz book I was reading, started Edwidge Danticat’s new novel
  • watched wife launch this amazing photo project and the video she made for it, felt proud of her and these past two years of hard work
  • went to bed with book-tired eyes, not phone-zapped eyes
  • got frustrated that the instagramz was broken and uninstalled/reinstalled it no less than 7 times
  • talked to the neighbors
  • ate nearly all my meals without photographing them
  • dusted my bedside table
  • borrowed wife’s phone to ‘gram here and there, lest other instagrammers think I’m dead
  • listened to and smelled the rain and felt lucky

Reminder duly noted, I could certainly spend less time pressing that little button with a heart in the middle and spend more time looking at and for things that refresh my heart.