Giveaway: Mastering Artisan Cheese Making Book

I bought my first cheesemaking book, Ricki Carroll’s Home Cheese Making, a couple years back with the intention of making my own cheeses at home. I’m fascinated and obsessed with cheese. It’s the ultimate in fermentation in my book, and perhaps only second to beer and wine fermentation for others.

I confess, 2012 didn’t turn out how I had planned. Last year was to be my year of home cheese making, but after a mid-year no-dairy diagnosis, my raw milk and cheese consumption came to a screeching halt. I’ve yet to make any cheese beyond acid-added ricotta yet. But 2013 is on the up and up, raw goat and sheep’s milk are back on my list and cheese is joyously returned. 

When I received Gianaclis Caldwell’s book Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking, I realized this was precisely the next level information that assists my learning process. I enjoy a good, likeable welcome to the idea of [homemade anything] and then I like an intensive geekery reference book to reinforce areas I’m not clear on. Caldwell’s book answers the why’s that stand out after softening up to the idea that you might actually be able to make cheese. She goes into great detail in an extensive Part I: The Art and Science of Making Cheese to cover equipment, ingredients, and methods and then focuses on recipes, which come in smaller (2-4 gallons) and larger (12 gallons) batch options. I love the science sections that accompany each type and family of cheeses, why they form like they do and how to develop flavors properly with each.

This book is definitely not for folks who are looking for a quick, easy read and simplistic recipes, but rather it is an essential read for anyone serious about making cheese or taking their knowledge to the next step. I’m glad to have it on my shelf as I continue to explore my relationship with homemade cheese. Thanks to Chelsea Green for this wonderful giveaway.

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