Moving to the country

…gonna eat a lot of peaches. (I couldn’t help myself.)

So, friends, things have been quieter around these parts as the initial panic set in that our rent was going up an additional $400/month and we only had 1 month to figure out a plan and execute it.

Thankfully our friends out at Tecolote Farm knew of some folks with interests for their land that match our hopes. Yesterday we firmed things up on a place about 20 minutes east of Austin that we’ll operate in similar capacity to the Airbnb rental situation we’re doing now. (Yes, you can come stay here!!)

It’s large and in charge and held together with beautiful woodwork throughout and we’re so looking forward to shifting our room rental operation to more of a retreat and enjoy-the-Texas-countryside type place. We’re also going to be pulling together listings for the other historic, salvaged homes they’ve brought to the property, so folks can have their own place for retreat, meditation and relaxation. Stay tuned!

this kid loves her new house already

the view from our kitchen porch (!)