Giveaway: Preserving by the Pint by Marisa McClellan

My friend Marisa’s new book is such a treasure!

All the recipes are based on a single pint, quart, or pound of produce, which is surely a structure after my own heart these days. I’ve noticed my larger canning projects are fewer throughout the year because I’m now focusing on canning (or fermenting) our actual garden harvest excess. I’m just not going out and buying larger volumes of fruits and veggies for other canning. But my fridge is still full of super-small batches of things because lack of volume doesn’t mean you must go entirely without.

Food in Jars blogger Marisa offers delicious recipes for preserving food seasonally via numerous methods, vinegar pickling, fermenting, jamming, herb salts, and other practical and immediate uses (like tomato sauce, pestos, syrups, and lots more).

I hope you’ll check out this book as you venture forward with your prized quarts, pints, and pounds of fruit and veggies. Here are a couple recipes I’m particularly excited to try.

Fava beans: ours are ready for harvest with a plethora of parsley (thanks spring rains) and this pesto sounds like a wonderful way to use them.

Figs: I will certainly be using my foraged summer figs to make a jar of these. Fig Manhattans anyone? 

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