One Simple Change: book giveaway

From the moment I received Winnie’s book, I knew it was love. What a sweet structure to help people make big changes in their lives, one simple task at a time.

My dad came to town a few weeks ago and he sat and read the book for an hour. He and I occasionally talk about sugars and safe substitutes, what’s most important to focus on for him (he has struggled with maintaining his weight loss), and this book is like a pocket reference for the talks we’ve had. 

I want to buy this book for all the friends/family members who express making a change in their lives, fixing something that’s just not working for them. I really appreciate how it’s written and structured as a tangible thing someone can take away and reflect on each week (with 2 weeks off during the year). There are 50 two- to three-page chapters that feature research-based advice surrounding holistic health, wellness, and psyche promoting actions and changes you can make right now.

Winnie’s ideas are a great place to start in understanding all the conflicting research out there (much of which is big ag/industry-funded). The suggestions for changes are not presented in a judgmental fashion, but are meant to get you started and to help you make choices that work for you and your lifestyle. The thing about changes that have a lasting impact on your life is that you must start somewhere, one simple change. 

Be sure to check out Winnie’s blog, Healthy Green Kitchen, for great, health-promoting recipes!

Important note: U.S. & Canada entrants only please per the publisher’s shipping preferences. Also, be sure to enter by using an email you actually check and check your spam folder in the days following the giveaway’s close. I’ve had to move on to other winners in recent giveaways because the first winners never responded.

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