Rye & pine old fashioned

Happy holidays friends!

Dram Apothecary’s kickstarter prizes arrived just in time for a festive holiday beverage.

I’m taking moments here and there, choosing to find the joy, wonder and love amidst the general ruckus that is holiday time. I hope you are able find some of this and keep spreading these vibes.

Now, speaking of vibes, here’s how I made my tasty drink.

Rye & Pine Old Fashioned

makes one festive libation

Pour into a cup and stir with a metal spoon for a minute or two to ensure completely incorporated and dissolved:

1 Tbs Dram pine syrup

2 oz Bulleit Rye

Add a big cube of ice and add a generous few shakes of Winter Solstice bitters (or bitters of your choice) over the top and swirl a few times. Sip and be merry!