Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker Giveaway

Disclosures: Takeya sent me a 2-quart Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker, a tea sampler, and fruit infuser at no cost to me. Takeya will ship the winner’s kit directly to them. My opinions on the product are not influenced by this gift.

I’ve written about these fabulous pitchers in the past here, where I also share my cold brew tea method. In the years since this first post, I now use my 1-quart tea pitcher and infuser daily as a convenient way to cold brew a homemade herbal tea blend I created.

Well, as summer gears up here in Austin, iced tea on the fly is a pretty standard desire, especially as an offering for folks who stop by the house to visit. My cold brew method is easy, but requires a bit of forethought. I’ll admit, I was initially skeptical about the flash chill gadgetry and how it differs from brewing strong tea in a jar or jug and pouring it over ice.

The answer to my skepticism is two-fold: First, I’m usually brewing loose tea and herbs, which requires straining technology or filters of some sort (and depending on the day or my mood, may present a snag or just a mental block to making tea—no more dishes!). I typically just dump the used contents of my Takeya tea filter, rinse it out and start in on a new batch, avoiding dishes entirely. (Benefits of constant tea making!)

Second, the infuser and extender that screws tightly inside the lid ensures you actually brew tea when you fill your pitcher halfway with boiled water. The BPA-free plastic pitcher then serves as a steeping space to which you add ice or cold water after the allotted time (depends on the tea variety) has passed for the steeping. You need not worry about quick temperature shifts causing breakage like you would with a jar or glass/ceramic pitcher.

I’ve enjoyed my first few experiments with fruit infused water, this batch of pineapple mint was particularly refreshing. It’s handy to be able to just pull the whole infuser portion out after it’s finished infusing (and to eat it without having to strain/fish it out!

Takeya has offered up a 2-quart Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker, 1 fruit infuser attachment, and a variety pack of teas to one lucky reader. Please use the entry options in the widget below. Takeya has requested that the giveaway applies to US residents only per shipping restrictions.

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