What's growing: summer flowers

I thought I’d share a few glimpses from my flower garden over the past couple weeks. Texas in July means marigolds, zinnia, prairie verbena, sunflowers, gomphrenia (globe amaranth) and amaranth!

The amaranth went bonkers with all the rains we had, around this point in late May, I stopped hoping to cut it for flowers. We’ll be harvesting amaranth and looking for interesting things to do with it besides cook up the pseudo-grain and serve it like rice. Let me know if you have any ideas!

The first sugar pie pumpkins are popping out under the leaf line. Future pies of America, reporting for duty.

I’m enchanted by this Melabo vase, gifted from the artist herself; it will be full all summer and fall!

Ok, so these are definitely not flowers, but BABY PIGS. The larger farm, the property where we live, had babies!

What’s growing in your yard, plot or field?