DIY computer stand

For years, I’ve been trying to figure out my home office desk set-up, where I work for many hours of the day. My friend and freelancer-mentor Kate got me onto the idea that I ought to be pulling my hands off the laptop and raising the screen to eye-level for ergonomic reasons. I experimented and set the computer on a cute pile of stacked books, a goofy plastic tray, then gave up for a while when it didn’t feel just right. Well, I finally figured out something that works well for me and provides a solution to real estate competition on my small desk. 

I love these painted metal cube racks that I’ve found and formed a small depth-adding army from thrift and antique stores. This pink one has served in many capacities in both my home and in my bookselling/promoting enterprises. I think its true home is realized.

This might not work for everyone, especially those of you with heavier computers, though turning it on its side to add more structural support for a heavier laptop would probably work swell. I encourage you to keep tinkering with free and found things until the right thing happens for you, too!