Waste not, packaging turned scrubber

This hip trick comes to us from Susan, host of KOOP radio show, Food Love Austin. Susan hosted our Austin food swap a few months back and I noticed this ingenious trick for making use of wine sleeves that might otherwise end up in the trash.

Use these plastic grates as scrubbers for doughs and batters that wreak havoc on your regular sponge/dish scrubby and simply rinse it out when you’re finished!

Shortcut sifting

Who wants to clean that sifter contraption after a flour or powdered sugar explosion? Not me. This hip trick comes to us courtesy of my lovely banjo teacher (and the musician featured in my videos, Hilary Hawke.

Here’s a hip way to de-clump powdered sugar and sift small amounts of flour or spices. Place your to-be-sifted dry goods in a fine mesh strainer, give it a few shakes, and voila! Happy baking, or french toast eating, or whatever it is you’re doing with sifted stuff.

Water-saving dish doing

Even if you’re not smack-dab in the middle of the worst drought in Texas history, saving water should be at the top of any global human’s list of concerns. Enough soapbox’ing for today, here’s how you can avoid wasting water during your handwashed dish sessions.

This hip trick comes courtesy of my good pal, Zora in Astoria, Queens, who reminded me that you don’t have to use/fill an entire dishtub (as described in my book on pages 24-25) in order to efficiently handwash dishes. Use a small bowl, something from the stack of to-be-washed items, as a suds enliven’er and suds-up all your items at once. Rinse them all at the same time.