Put a pull on it

You may recall a hip trick from a few months back telling you to be on the look-out for roadside find pulls. Here’s an idea for using a drawer pull as a creative hook alternative. 

You’ll want to be sure to find a beam and drill directly into it in order for the pull to remain sturdy and useful. Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the base of your pull and drill about 1” deep. Screw the pull into the drilled hole. If a beam doesn’t line up with where you want to place hooks, then use a cute piece of wood as a base to drill then screw in your pull(s). (You can use long drywall screws or a hollow wall anchor to affix the wood piece to the wall.)

Voila, instant cute and creative pegs!

Roadside find alert: drawer pull upcycle

While the cabinet or dresser left out for trash might not be worth your effort to haul it home, check the pulls. Drawer pulls are a simple, inexpensive (if not free!) way to spruce existing furniture. Consider using them in other areas of the house as a creative hook alternative.

p.s. It helps to travel with tools; a small screwdriver with interchangeable heads now lives in our glove box (after I removed these using a jutted out groove of our house key and some strategic pressure).