Honey, have some pie

Well, unfortunately, I did not win the pie contest last night. Not surprisingly, Mexican chocoloate won the hearts of judges and the populace alike.

I’m cool with that, though.

Here are some fab consolation prizes:

1. My pie was pretty and I tricked quite a few people into thinking it was a regular gluten-full pie. More importantly, I went ahead and entered a pie contest with a pie that I’ve never made before in my life. Beginners can have fun, too.

Hello, I’m Pie #12, reporting for duty.2. Stacey, founder of BK Farmyards—our organization of honor—said she liked my pie the best of the ones she tasted. Score one for beginners.

3. I developed a special bond with Meg at Brooklyn Honey, since she orchestrated the first slice of my pie hitting my tupperware (immediately followed by my stomach) in the midst of 60 (wowza!) pies in transition from judges’ table to populace plates. They anticipated 40 pies; New Yorkers don’t flake when it comes to pie (pun intended.)Who in their right mind brings gluten-free pie to a madhouse, gluten-filled event with hopes of an uncontaminated piece of pie: me. Thanks Meg for making my dreams a reality (and not poking me with that stack of plastic forks.)

4. I met the Tigress, our Can Jam mistress.

5. I got interviewed by these interesting video blogger guys, PIEFOLK, who focus on pie and folk music. Check out their exceedingly terrible pie review on the latest video post. p.s. I’m in the blue shirt “joining the revolution” in the end of the video!

6. My friend Adriana, What I Made For Dinner blogger, brought a pie called “The Dude”, a slob of a pie. Funny.

7. I found yet another exciting use for a canning rack: Pie transporter.