Put Up and Give Away

Let the giveaways begin! I’ve been plotting a snail mail revolution for some time now. Here’s my monthly contribution to the tactile cause.

Blogs are a dime a dozen these days, and just about everybody has something interesting to say. I find new ones every day, each usually brings with it some amazing inspiration, thoughtfulness or general repose. Reading and staying up with blogs requires effort on your part. I like the idea of a little reward for finding your way to mine.

Each month, I’ll be preserving some sort of deliciousness per the Tigress Can Jam. I can’t eat all the sweet treats that come from my canner pot each month, even with small batches; it’s just too much! Thanks to the quarter-pint jar (not so expensive to ship via USPS) and helpful advice from Ashley at Small Measure, I’ve decided to jump on the giveaway train.

Here’s how it works:

1. I make treats. I make blog post about treats and current month’s deluxe, quarter-pint giveaway.

2. You clicky clicky on the Contact Kate link on the right-hand tool bar of any page of HGGH site. Please only use the web contact form (so all entries appear in one place.) And please enter “[current month] Entry” in the subject box.

3. The email you send me will be catalogued with a number (in the order received) and one of my writing workshop kid participants will be asked to select a number between 1 and [number of entries]. Capeesh? Capeesh.

So, let’s give this a whirl. January Prize-a-thon begins now. Remember this?

Who, oh, who will receive one of these little numbers in the mail?Deadline for entering is Midnight (EST) January 31. I can’t wait to see a flood of “January Entry” emails in my box! Special thanks to the lovely Tigress (for getting me off my lazy butt and instigating jars of tastiness every month) and to you for participating in the many revolutions at hand in the Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking.