You know that feeling, when you just get tired of yourself?

When I just can’t stand the sound of my own voice (both internal and external) it’s essential to steer clear of mirrors, social media, mysterious kitchen contraptions, people I don’t know and the demands of creativity. These are not times to get that haircut or pressure yourself into completing the draft of that novel you’ve been meaning to write.

I woke up this morning with the funk still lingering. Living room sample chapter for book proposal still incomplete. Idea-less and exasperated, with my morning coffee in hand, I looked out the window.

There’s always something bigger than myself floating around out there. In today’s case, it so happened to be the magically curving branches of deciduous trees behind my mama’s house in North Carolina.

And you my dears, how do you clean your spirits up off the floor? How do you gently remind yourself not to be so dang hard on yourself?