Do not read this on your Kindle

For the love of books (and semi-colons).

There are few authors who startle me into the realization that we would totally be best friends IRL (in real life)—if we only knew each other. Lynne Truss is one of those people.

This book isn’t for everyone, but then again, neither is punctuation.

I’m rather obsessed with writing in a fashion that may be understood in the very context intended. Anyone who writes a book out of frustration over these matters is clearly BFF material.

I nearly broke into tears upon reading this [a diatribe in favor of print vs. internet]—as I turn around and post this to my blog—anyhow, back to it:
“The book remains static and fixed; the reader journeys through it. Picking up the book in the first place entails an active pursuit of understanding. Holding the book, we are aware of posterity and continuity[…]”

Without getting all preachy on your ass, there are subtleties buried within the written word (on the actual page.) Some girl far away might sit in a swivel-y office chair on her lunch break reading my labor-of-love, pages flipping madly, and come close to tears with feelings of BFF-ship.

That’s why I’m writing a book. Being connected is not always about the internet.