Jams and jellies

Bloggers start your burners. It’s time for a can-do, can-can can jam!

I’m participating in this jam-making extravaganza hosted by tigress in a jam!

Click for tigress can jam food blog challenge

January’s focus ingredient: Citrus!

Though I’m in North Carolina helping my mama recover from rotator cuff surgery for two more weeks, I’ll be doing my January jammin’ when I get home.

I’m also looking forward to improvising my way to fancy with set-ups like this:

yes, that’s a bungee cord holding cheesecloth over my mixing bowl.Jellybags are damn near impossible to find in NYC; however, cheesecloth grows on trees (that grow in Brooklyn.)

crabapple jelly making last month, involving biking equipmentWish me luck in the can jam! And keep your eyes peeled (pun intended) for my monthly productions.