Put 'em Up book giveaway

Let’s start this giveaway with a success story. I entered and then proceeded to win Tigress’ latest giveaway. I fell in love with the book she sent me in the mail (with her own money to boot).

Sherri Brooks Vinton’s book, Put ‘em Up, pretty much rocks. So, I’m giving [another copy, thanks to her publisher] to you! (I’m definitely keeping my prize.)

Here’s why I think you should own this book:

  • It’s an excellent resource for both established and newbie canners and home-preservers
  • It covers a lot of territory beyond just canning jars and sealing things for shelf storage, like drying, infusing, fridge pickling, fermenting and freezing (and most recipes have multiple options for how you might store the homemade yummies)
  • I especially like the ‘Working in Groups’ section, a helpful primer on hosting a canning party, where it gives you a detailed list of tasks and how many people could be doing them. 
  • She has illustrations of many of the canning/preserving projects I mention in my book (but don’t have the space to illustrate)! 
  • There are a ton of recipes for using up seasonal foods

Enter by leaving a comment on this post telling me about an area of home food preservation that intrigues you (or eludes you).

Deadline is Thursday, October 14 at midnight. Good luck!