Hilah Cooking 'Learn to Cook' ebook giveaway

My friend Hilah is hiiiilah-rious. (Okay, that was pretty bad, I know.) But, it’s true.

She sent me her ebook a few weeks ago when it launched and I immediately fell in love with her style. Hell, we always have a blast when we’re hanging out in person, so it comes as no surprise that her book is friendly, inviting, conversational and downright funny. I asked her if I might share a copy of her book with my readers; I’m so glad she agreed!

Here’s a sampling of some of the parts and things I liked most from this ebook:

  • This is perfect for guys or gals who need the 101 version of cooking, but don’t want to be talked to like they’re an idiot. She helps take some of the pressure out of learning to cook, an often stressful time for folks still unsure in their kitchens.
  • Great (and true) insights on modern life and cookery, like this: “I read somewhere that one of the top five reasons people don’t cook is because they don’t have a properly equipped kitchen. I think what this really means is that lots of people have been tricked by Crate and Barrel catalogs into thinking that they need a bunch of junk in their kitchen to make it work.”
  • Knife sharpening photos and an informative, but not overwhelming how-to!
  • A fabulous spices chart that even includes ideas for what you might substitute a particular spice if, say, you can’t find it anywhere and feel stuck.
  • A whole section devoted to ‘how to grocery shop’ followed by ever-practical sections on ‘how to cut things up’ conveniently divided into plants and animals categories.
  • Workday breakfast ideas and recipes!
  • You get special access to videos where Hilah is doing all the things she writes about in the book. Score for these fun, one-on-one tutorials whenever you need ‘em.
  • Um, this has nothing to do with Learn to Cook specifically, but her previous book is devoted to breakfast tacos (my FAVOURITE food. Ever.)
  • I. could. go. on. (and on…)

She came over before I left for my fall tour and we made fridge pickles together. Check it out!

Enter the giveaway (either for yourself or to win this as a gift for someone) and win a free copy of this ebook by leaving a comment on this post telling us the most game-changing, basic kitchen skill you learned or hope to learn! Entries will close at midnight CST on Thursday, September 29.

Plus, super-cool technology allows entries from anywhere on the globe because this is an ebook and all you need is internet access and an email address. That said, you won’t win if you forget to put your email address in the slot on the comment form that asks for it because I won’t be able to get in touch with you to let you know you won.

Note: This ebook is not for the faint of heart when it comes to vocabulary, i.e. I’m talking about the marginally few people who weren’t keen on light, infrequent cussing in my own book; don’t enter.