The Art of Fermentation book giveaway

It’s the summer of giveaways, so it seems. The last one was a huge hit; there’s one soon-to-be canner in Texas who’s about to be fabulously equipped for summer preserving!

As we’ve moved through the initial spurts and on into the throes of summer’s harvest, I tend to find myself with produce spilling over the edges of my fridge and canned capacities. Thanks to the ease of adding salt, skimming or stirring, and waiting it out, any excess produce now gets fermented in this house. Sandor Katz’s Wild Fermentation book has inspired many a delicious ferment around here, cukes, carrots, vinegars, all kinds of wonderful and dynamic flavors. 

I’m so excited to share with you Sandor Katz’s latest and greatest, his compendium of fermentation knowledge, The Art of Fermentation. 

This beautiful hardback is heft and treasure. Whether you’re thumbing through looking for a brine ratio for fermenting okra or getting some backstory on yogurt cultures over the ages, Sandor’s conversational tone and do-try-this-at-home spirit makes me feel like a part of a special movement. That attitude is tres HGGH, and I know you all will love his style (if you’re not already hooked on Sandorkraut via his thinner volume). This book is his return to Wild Fermentation, with 10 more years under his belt, 10 more years of things to say about bacteria and yeasts and why getting more of it into our bodies is a good idea.

The kind folks over at Chelsea Green have offered up HGGH readers a copy of the book. US and Canadian residents please enter by filling out the form below*. A winner will be selected at random; we’ll close the giveaway on Thursday, July 26, 2012 at midnight CST.

Leaving comments on this post about your fermentation dreams will be fun for us to read, but will not enter you in the giveaway. Good luck and happy culturing!

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