Fall writing challenge

July brought news that book 2 is on the radar and a meeting with my editor last week confirmed my hunch. I should’ve started writing 2 or 3 months ago; my manuscript deadline is December 1.

I’m inviting anyone who has a writing project of any sort on their personal or professional radar to join me in a fall writing challenge. 

Sometimes all we need is a little accountability to keep us motivated. Once a week, on Monday’s, I’ll check in on the HGGH facebook page with my word count for the previous week. I invite any fellow challengers to also share their word counts on those posts. 

Personally, I’ve set out the plan to write 500 words, 5 days per week to meet my 2,500 words/week requirement to finish my manuscript on time. You’re welcome to set and share your own goals according to your writing project/plans.

This is where you’ll find me now through December 1st, though likely on my yoga ball (that chair can be tedious after an hour or so), or on the adjacent futon, feet on yoga ball. Make yourself a special space you can go to write and I bet you’ll be more inclined to do it.

Happy writing and I look forward to seeing your updates!