Tattler BPA-free canning lids giveaway

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After hearing great reviews from friends and fellow bloggers, I’m excited to work with Tattler and share these lids with you. I received two packages of lids earlier this year, one wide-mouth and one regular-mouth, and have been using them for the past few months with much success.

The method for using these lids is just about the same as using the other one piece lids, with a few slight changes due to the non-metallic nature of them (i.e. no lid lifters!)

I found that wearing my handy gloves and using tongs solved the issues. Gloves are definitely not required, but you’ll need to fit the rubber ring onto the grooves of the white lid before placing it on the jar and you simmer the lid and rubber ring, as you do with regular lids, prior to sealing so they might be warm upon fishing them out of the water.

It’s also a good idea to stick the rubber rings sandwiched between each of the lids for ease in fishing them out, otherwise you end up with a clump of rings stuck together on the bottom of the pot.

The only other major difference between these lids and regular metal lids is that you need to tighten the metal bands after the jars come out of the waterbath or pressure canner to ensure a seal.

Exchanging pings for a BPA-free canned good is a good trade off in my book.

For more information on BPA in canning, Linda Ziedrich wrote on her blog a fine post detailing the issues at hand with and how to avoid BPA-tainting your home canned goods. Read up on minimizing your exposure in general and some things to avoid when using regular canning lids.

Ordering directly from Tattler means you’ll likely end up with way more lids than you had in mind. Many retailers are starting to carry them, but consider pulling together a group order if you can’t find them near you. Splitting a case with 10 people is a great way to save money and spread the BPA-free love.

Since I’m sending them to you myself, I have to restrict to US & Canada only. Sorry international loves. Please enter by September 6, midnight CST by leaving a comment below telling me about what foods in jars you hope to put a lid on this fall.