September quiet time

You might have noticed my disappearance as of late. 

Well, in addition to a tight manuscript deadline, I’m getting married and we’re going all out, Hip Girl’s style of course.

I’m finding myself tied up lately with the essentials of earning a living (oh, reality!) and planning a large party for family and friends. I haven’t even been writing during the last two weeks toward my next book; and I’m not giving myself a hard time.

Some of you might be scratching your heads wondering…why yes, we were married with paperwork and all in New York in June. Alas, our state doesn’t recognize our marriage, but our friends and family live in (or are gladly coming to) Texas to celebrate our union. So a celebration we will have. 

Earlier this week friends descended upon stacks of tissue paper piled around our house and crafted paper flowers for decorations. 

We’re keeping some traditions (sharing our vows with our loved ones, feeding each other dessert), and tossing others (no wedding party besides our nephew and the dog, no dads giving anyone ‘away’; my J and I will walk down the aisle together).

Thank goodness I made the favors what feels like ages ago (thanks waterbath canning!). Fifty jars of pear butter from the harvest bestowed upon me by a class attendee whose mom has a pear tree in Houston.

I’m most excited about designing and creating my bouquet, and, at some point, writing about how to have a wedding that feels more like the two people actually involved and not so much every wedded person in the history of land rights and dowries.